Policy Statement VGM

Policy Statement VGM


The management’s policy is aimed at meeting the requirements and needs of its customers as closely as possible. For this purpose, a Management System has been set up and implemented that is implemented and maintained in an effective and economically responsible manner.

With regard to quality, the management system has been set up on the basis of ISO 9001:2015 standards.

This means that the board will comply with all applicable laws and regulations and provide a framework for setting and assessing KVGM objectives. This should lead to continuous improvement of the system. The quality of both the processes and the services is determined by the commitment of the management and all employees. The involvement and effective cooperation of employees and management in the implementation and maintenance of the system is therefore of great importance.

In this context, the management of Meprofa has formulated the following policy objectives:

  • Monitoring and optimizing customer satisfaction and customer focus;
  • Increasing the knowledge and skills that are present among employees in the organization;
  • Continuing to comply with the requirements set by law and regulations;
  • Providing a framework for setting quality objectives and continuous improvement;
  • Monitoring the external and internal quality and the continuous improvement of the processes;
  • Contributing to clarity in the organization by recording responsibilities, authorities, procedures and working methods in the field of quality;
  • Promoting uniformity in working, so that the strength of our working method comes into its own and contributes to our success;
  • Providing services in accordance with the requirements and focus on a healthy balance between risks and opportunities.


Safety and working conditions are important aspects in business operations. For this reason, the Management System has also been set up on the basis of the minimum requirements of VCA** 2016/6.0.

The VGM risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E) has been drawn up and an action plan is drawn up annually on the basis of an evaluation to solve or manage residual risks. Partly on the basis of this RI&E, the management pursues an active policy with regard to the prevention of personal injury. The objective is to guarantee the safety of our own employees (including temporary ones) and those of third parties. By means of task risk analyses, clear safety instructions, internal communication and the (free) provision of the correct personal protective equipment, everything is done to determine and control SHE risks.

In this context, the management of Meprofa has formulated the following policy objectives:

  • The management will have a new RI&E drawn up in Q-1 2021. The management also draws up an action plan in this context


The health of the staff is a great asset. The management will therefore constantly weigh up the necessary actions against the associated health risks and workload of the staff. The ergonomic, safety and occupational hygiene aspects will be taken into account when making decisions about the renewal and replacement of equipment, the design of buildings, cars and the purchase of aids and furniture. This in particular to keep work as pleasant as possible and therefore to keep absenteeism as low as possible.

In this context, the management of Meprofa has formulated the following policy objectives:

  • The aim is to keep the annual Injury Frequency as low as possible
  • Preventing and/or limiting unsafe situations and/or unsafe actions as much as possible, as a result of which personal injury and material damage could occur;

  • The continuous implementation of improvements in the field of safety, health and well-being.


Care for the environment is of paramount importance. The primary objective is to prevent damage to equipment and the environment in all activities based on compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations and the ISO 14001:2015 standards in the management system. Wherever waste products do arise, they will be disposed of in a responsible manner. Each year, an Environmental Program is established, which includes a number of measurable objectives and targets to properly manage the environmental aspects related to our organization.

In this context, the management of Meprofa has formulated the following policy objectives:
  • implementation of the ISO 14001-2015 system in the period 2021-2024

  • Preventing environmental damage;

  • Reducing the energy consumption of company buildings;

  • Promoting environmentally responsible behavior at all work locations.

Language barrier:

The working language within the company is Dutch. Communication on VGM matters must be possible without language barriers. That is why the management sets the requirement that all employees have sufficient command of the Dutch language in word and writing.

This policy statement is reviewed and updated once every 3 years.

Heerhugowaard, april 2021


J.W. de Koekkoek