Meprofa has the knowledge, quality and certainty to deliver the desired products and services to the customer. We guarantee the quality we deliver and our products, services, processes and personnel comply with all safety, health, efficiency and sustainability laws and regulations. These points are therefore important to us and we like to radiate that to the outside world.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 is an international standard for quality management. The ISO 9001:2015 shows that Meprofa B.V. is able to meet the requirements of its customers, the laws and regulations that apply to the product and the requirements that we ourselves set for our organization. This certificate shows that Meprofa meets quality management (care, control and assurance) in a tested, predetermined and structured manner.

ISO 3834

ISO 3834 certification, also known as the welding standard, is especially for companies whose activities mainly consist of welding metals. In this way, the preconditions from the ISO 3834 series are properly guaranteed. After welding, it cannot be determined by means of an NDT (non-destructive test – such as X-ray, ultrasonic, magnetic or penetrant) whether the connection 100% meets the requirements. However, predetermined preconditions (welder qualifications, method qualification, welding design, management and storage of welding consumables, etc.) can be guaranteed, so that it can be determined in advance with a high degree of probability that the end product will meet the requirements.

EN 1090

The EN 1090 is the harmonized European standard, which applies to load-bearing steel and aluminum structures. Constructions such as buildings, bridges and supports for silos, for example, must be made according to this standard from July 2014. The EN 1090 standard has been published because from 1 July 2014 structural building products must be CE marked, and a declaration of conformity must also be issued.


The VCA standard is a checklist that consists of twelve chapters. All these chapters are about Safety, Health and Environment and the way in which Meprofa has arranged these matters. The purpose of VCA* is to identify and manage the risks in the field of safety and health for the executive employee. VCA** also focuses on the structure with which these matters are recorded. This goes beyond just safety in the workplace. Meprofa is VCA** certified.

Authorized re-marking of inspection materials

Meprofa has been authorized by Lloyds Register Nederland to re-mark sheet metal and profiles. With this, both Lloyds Register Nederland declares that Meprofa has a positively tested procedure with regard to re-certification and is therefore allowed to re-mark and re-stamp products at its own location. The procedure covers materials with 3.1B or 3.1C certificate (EN 10204.1991) and materials with 3.1 or 3.2 certificate (EN 10204:2004). The overstamping authority offers our customers the advantage of increased material identifiability and 100% traceability within Meprofa according to established processes and procedure(s).

Recognized Training Company

Meprofa is also authorized to provide internships and apprenticeships for secondary vocational education. This recognition has been given by Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven (SBB).