About Meprofa

About Meprofa

Meprofa is the reliable manufacturer of technical process constructions and installations for the high-quality (process) industry. Whether it concerns stainless steel processing or carbon steel, Meprofa has skilled employees who are experienced in processing different materials. Thanks to our knowledge and expertise, we can quickly answer your questions and provide you with expert advice.

About Meprofa

Meprofa’s mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality technical solutions to our customers in the non-residential construction, process and food industries. We have a team of skilled and committed employees with a flexible attitude. Therefor we can provide customers with expert advice, safe realizations and customer-oriented aftercare.


Meprofa’s vision

Meprofa’s vision is to realize, improve, install and maintain industrial installations for our customers. Our professionals achieve this by working according to high safety and quality standards. As a result, the customer is assured of a significant safety and productivity improvement and the worries are taken care of.


Meprofa thinks along with you

Meprofa’s multidisciplinary team is ready to surprise you with regard to approach, advice, realization and aftercare. We like to think along with you, as a customer, to solve specific challenges and we are happy to support you in realizing your ambitions. Whether it a design of an installation or the maintenance of piping systems, we are ready to realize your wishes.
We have a team of skilled employees who have knowledge of their specialism. We use our management system to deliver products and services with the desired quality of execution.



Meprofa is VCA** and ISO 9001 certified. High safety and quality standards are thus guaranteed in our work processes. High delivery reliability is a matter of course for us. Our employees have a VCA personal certification.



Wij zijn een erkend leerbedrijf. Jonge lastalenten worden bij ons opgeleid en klaargestoomd voor de toekomst. Zij worden begeleid in de ontwikkeling van hun expertise door ervaren lassers. Zo zorgen wij ervoor dat de huidige kennis wordt doorgegeven aan de experts van de toekomst.

Customization in development and maintenace

We work closely with leading clients in the process industry, the food industry and non-residential construction. We realize and install technical installations based on the specific needs of the customer. After installation we also take care of its maintenance.


Support from your technical department

We provide professionals for the support or expansion of your own technical service. We are happy to take your worries off your hands so that you can focus on your own primary (production) processes.